Is CSA Membership Right For You?

Do You Want to support a local farmer? AND BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM?

CSA membership is all about a relationship between the farmer and the customer. It is rewarding to know the name of the farmer who feeds you, and know your food dollars are directly supporting a small farm business.

This also requires your willingness to stick with the farmer, whatever type of weather blows through. There is some risk in CSA membership - the farmer cannot predict if there will be too much rain, extra pest pressure, or an early snow - so you could miss out on certain crops that were scheduled to be in your box.

However, you’ll also share in the excess - if there is a bumper crop of cucumbers - you’ll be making pickles!


CSA members know there is something precious about summertime tomatoes - it can’t be found in the winter months in your grocery store.

Our farm emphasizes high quality, nutrient-dense, and flavorful food for you to enjoy.

But this also typically requires some food prep back in your kitchen. Whether it’s chopping and freezing, roasting and blending, quick pickling, or just sautéing on the stove - real food takes some real time to prepare.

If you’re used to quick dinners every night, it can take some getting used to. But, we believe real flavor makes a big difference - we just might make you into a “foodie”.

Do you need 100% control of your menu?

CSA members learn to be flexible with their meal planning - because you typically won’t know what is coming in your next box until a few days beforehand.

Some love this way of doing things, but others can be stressed out by it. Think seriously about whether you can give up control - farmers markets might be a better option for you, if you’re more of a planner.

Thriving CSA members enjoy flexing their creativity in the kitchen, and subbing turnips for potatoes in a favorite recipe.

Do you enjoy trying new things?

We aim to provide you with classic veggies you love - tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce - but we’ll also stretch you to try new things.

We might put a vegetable in your box you’ve never heard of before. We’ll do our best to give you the tools to use it well - recipe suggestions, how to store it in your fridge - but are you willing to give it a try?

It’s part of the challenge of truly eating with the seasons.

And as farmers we want to grow a diverse set of crops - it’s more sustainable for our soil, and it means if one thing doesn’t do so well, we’ll have another item for you instead.

How did you do on our CSA quiz?

If you are ready to join, here are your next steps:

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  2. Choose your pick-up location, and pay your deposit to hold your spot.

  3. Watch for a confirmation/welcome email in your inbox.